Why should I work in care?

Working in care is the most satisfying and rewarding job you can do.

Every day, you make a difference to someone’s life. By helping with something simple – making a cup of tea, cleaning the house, or just popping in to check on them – you really do help people in your community to remain independent and to live with dignity in their own home.

It's an important and valuable role to play in society. Carers help to relieve pressure on the NHS by ensuring people’s day-to-day needs are met at home. They also put families' minds at ease by checking on relatives when they aren't able to just pop in themselves.

Yet home care is under-funded and has a challenging reputation. If you choose to work in care, you won't be earning your fortune – you could earn similar working as a waiter or in a shop.

Why should I work in care?

We're often asked the question: "if I can earn the same working in a shop, why should I work in care?"

Our answer to that is simple: if you don't see the value of care work, it might not be the right job for you. Care is the right role for people who want to make a difference to other people’s likes, to deliver something that is truly valuable and to feel valued.

The best carers are passionate about what they do. They understand how important their role is to their clients and their families, and they know how much we appreciate what they do.

Our carers are known for going above and beyond the call of duty. If they spot a client in need of extra help – whether that's a broken mobile phone or an overgrown garden – they'll do all they can to find a solution. We work closely with some fantastic agencies in our community so we can call on support from charities and other groups. We also value the extra effort our carers often put in personally when they spot something they can do to make a client's life that bit better and brighter.

At Continued Care, our work is all about people. Our clients are all individuals with their own tastes, interests and senses of humour. We love getting to know them as we work with them, ensuring the care we offers suits not just their needs but their personality and aspirations. Being a carer means meeting and working alongside all sorts of people from a wide variety of backgrounds.

It's also about the people at Continued Care: the carers who go out to meet and care for our clients every day, along with all the staff based in the office who keep everything running like clockwork. As well as the rewards of the work, we ensure we offer outstanding support and great benefits to all our staff. We hold the Investors in People Gold Award in recognition of the way we look after our staff and our focus on helping them to develop their skills and gain qualifications in social care – there is a great and varied career path.

So if you're considering whether care work is the right career for you, ask yourself whether making a real difference to people's lives is something you would value. If so, we'd absolutely recommend it – there's no better job in the world.

To find out more about job opportunities at Continued Care, call Mike on 01423 871003.

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Christine Mitchell
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Christine Mitchell, Proprietor
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Great British Home Care Awards:
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Great British Home Care Awards:
"Care Innovator of the Year Finalist 2011"

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